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Miss Kara Uy

Miss. Kara Uy
Coordinator of Fashion Show & Event Co-Chairperson

Celebrating Cambodian New Year is the biggest and most significant event for Cambodians all over the world. This event has the ability to celebrate and share our beautiful culture with the greater Bay Area.

This year, our highly anticipated event, will incorporate a fashion show. Aside from presenting the traditional Cambodian ensembles, I would like to include modern spring apparel.

To make this event successful, we need help from the community. Please contact me:

  1. If you'd like to be a performer (singer, dancer, comedian, musician, host, etc..
  2. if you are interested in being a model. We need female and male models ( 16+)
  3. If you are a designer/ retailer and would like to showcase your products. Please inquire within for advertising/marketing opportunities.
  4. If you are a DJ or have sound equipment
  5. If you have experience in fashion/fashion shows, runway cat-walk, modeling, pageants, styling, photography, etc.
  6. If you are a hair and make-up artist
  7. If you own trendy clothing in good condition (Khmer and modern) and would like to help us by loaning them for the fashion show
  8. If you specialize in Khmer weddings and have modern Khmer clothes
  9. If you would like to help in the process of planning and execution of event

If you are interested, please contact me with your name, email, and how you would like to help (model, make-up, host, etc). Please include your contact info.

      » More or to print fashion show sponsorship's letter in PDF format

Cambodian New Year Festival 2008 Year of The Rat 2552 B.E.

When:      Saturday, April 12, 2008 @ 8am - Midnight

Where:      Milpitas Community Center
                   457 E. Calaveras Blvd.
                   Milpitas, CA 95035    
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Everyone is welcomed to join!

This community event is an all day celebration from 8am-12am and targets a large audience from different backgrounds. Your sponsorship will not only support and celebrate the diversity of the local community but it is also a great way to gain visibility.

As an event sponsor, you will receive honorable mention during the event, we will include your business identify in our program booklet, and add it to the CARA web page for the entire year. In addition, we invite you to enjoy in the festivities by providing you with free tickets.

Miss Karay Uy
Event Co-Chair & Coordinator of Fashion Show