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Cambodian New Year Festival 2005
Year of Rooster, BE: 2549
Saturday, April 9, 2005

Table of Contents

Committee in General: (Click on each photo for larger size)

Ms. Channary Bill,
Chair of Committee

She is currently the President of Santa Clara County Cambodian Women's Association (SCCCW). She's involved Cambodian Community after she moved to California. Her professional career is Chemical Enginneering and Computer programing. As the mother of the two boys and the wife, she decides to stay home. As elected chair, she brought all groups to come together to organize and celebrate our New Year.

Perom Uch
Vice Chair
Nithya Nine
Secretary General
Phillip Lim
Treasurer - 1
Nalin Sar
Treasurer - 2
Chamroeun Yean – Keo Yim – Chanthoeun To - Kelvin So -
Davy Chea – Tahry Ros - Van Chek – Layso Lor - Vinita Kylin - Fran Khuon - Dany Sok

Fund Raising:
Perom Uch
Tahry Ros
Sambo Ouch
Patricia Hughes
Mark Browne
Robert Lor
Davy Chea
Chanthoeun To
Cham Yean

Stage Manager
Chanthoeun To
Nithya Nine
Monica Chan
Steven Kas
Keo Yim
Nicholas Ung
Sophia Srey
Dara Kas
Chamroeun Yean

SJCBS staffs,
Morning ceremony:

Van Chek
Van Chek
Norind Su
Khuon An
Sath Hin

& Printing:
Chanthoeun To
Ratha Nou
Nalin Sar
Bun So
Bodavid Kas

Floor supervisor &

Tahry Ros
Taxi Khek
Muth Keo
Alex Moeun
Kriya Moeun
Denise Moeun
Monee Seng

Receiving guest, VIP &
sponsors hosts:

Lillian Pannthay
Fran Khuon
Linda Khuon
Sophia Pannthay
Laura Im

Ticketing & Fee Collection:
Phillip Lim
Nalin Sar
Vearady Chea To
Oulisany Chea
Katherina Lor
Davy Chea
David Kas

Information Booth
Chhavy Nou
Huot Chan
Sotheavy Nou

Volunteer Food:
Vinita Kylin
Channary Bill
Sucheali So
Nepar Penn
Helen Hok

Stage Decoration, Photo & Video recording
Layso Lor
Somet Lor
Kent Kuoy
Puthy Chea
Collin Bill

Social Dance & Sound

Kelvin So
Vitou Mam
Bona Yean

Cambodian Dance group
of San Jose - Dressing

Dara Kas
Leslie Kim
Koeun Seu
Thida Mam
Mearadey Ngak
Rasmei Buth
Sopheap Ngar
Theary Prom
Amanda Yean
Savy Yi
Srey Roeurb
Deva Ok
Sokha Daniels
Pancho Chang
Dee Dean
Thea Tran

Apsara Dance group –
Dressing room:

Chenda Hiep
Neary Each
Son Each
Sonia Meas
Phanara Each
Vicky Kong
Faten Mansour
Yukudh Srey

Apsara Dance group
– Dressing room

Kimny Chhon
Vanessa Bin
Son Lah
Sideth Keo
Kasey Kong
Kha Bin

San Jose Dance
group Coordinators:

Chamroeun Yean
Leslie Kim
Savary Dean
Raline Von - Buelow
Dara Kas
Deva Ok
Sopheap Ngar
Koeun Seu

Apsara Dance group

Keo Yim
Sinoun Buth
Pok Mao
Dave Clair
Jennifer Chan
Vinita Kylin
Thana Robertson
Rethana Harter
Sokly Ea
Ryan Robertson
Kirk Harter
Phat Bun